In the time of the Doges, La Serenissima, Venice, was a world leader in shipbuilding and international banking. Venice was famous for the notorious Casanova; the literary salons run by beautiful, dangerous courtesans; and the world-famous Carnival, where masked revelers played in streets and ballrooms all over the city.

One of the city's most famous and notorious cortigiana onesta, high courtesans, owns the palazzo that you've been invited to. Mysterious and elegant, her name is whispered down canals and squares in tones of awe and sometimes jealousy. Sometimes called a heretic, other times - a whore, she is a leader of fashion that even Venice's matriarchs emulate. She never fails to amuse the city's nobles with her literary salons and masked balls and invitations to both are highly prized. The courtesan’s home, The Masque, reputedly features the most licentious artwork and lascivious stories, novels and essays in the city.

Don a mask and costume for one such masquerade ball in the home of the lovely courtesan, for a Carnival celebration to remember! To find a mask for wearing or wall, please visit Masque Exotique, elegant masks for Samhain, Carnevale and Mardi Gras.

Deep in the palazzo, nestled in the courtesan's library is a very special book featuring the characters from J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter novels. This volume has a green leather cover with a dancing serpent on the cover and is well read and well loved. It was written by many authors and illustrated by many artists; most concentrate on the love story between Hermione Granger and Severus Snape. These stories are fan fiction and fan art, and each honours the written word of J.K. Rowling while exploring the flights of imagination that her characters and stories inspire. On the first page of our book, the curious title is explained: The WIKTT Archives ~ Stories and Art from When I Kissed the Teacher.

Through a door in the Courtesan's palazzo Attic, is a rare rooftop garden in Venice. High walls prevent the city's carnevale patrons from viewing the dangerous flowers gracing the hidden bounty of the wicked garden, but those that dare to visit the Courtesan's home are always welcome to wander the tiny paths and revel in the beauty of every flower and thorn. In The Garden, guests learn and share the ideas and realities of pain mixed with pleasure and a moment or lifetime of consensual service in BDSM.

While each section requires separate registration, your invitation allows you to explore the elegant erotica of The Masque, the stories and art of Hermione and Severus in The WIKtT Archives, and Masque Exotique for handmade masks at your leisure. Please join the courtesan and her other guests in play and pleasure. Your submissions of original or fan work are welcome.

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The Masque is a tasteful, discreet adult home for erotic stories, erotic photographs, and sensual art. Plus recipes for romantic dinners and sexy drinks. We feature short stories, novel length epic stories, and Multiple Chaptered Stories. Essays on Sexuality, BDSM, Dominance, and Submission. Fan Fiction, and Love Poetry. mostly by Amateur Writersthough some of our contributors are professional. We feature a sex chat and a Gorean Homestone.Forums help aspiring writers learn, practice and polish their writing, both erotic and not. Our Gallery features Artistic Nudes, Drawings, Paintings, and Photographs of Nude Men and Nude Women in Provocative, Sensual, Suggestive, and Sexual Poses and Situations. Jane's Guide, adult website reviewer calls us "Original & Quality!"

The WIKTT Archives is an adults-only Harry Potter fan fiction and fan art library and gallery featuring Severus Snape and Hermione Granger. The WIKTT Archives has erotic short stories, many general stories, novel length epics, and multiple chaptered stories of various ratings by amateurs though some of our contributors are professional authors and artists. The WIKTT Archives also hosts slash, femmeslash, gen, and original character, stories in the Potterverse. Some categories focus on Snape/OFC, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, Draco Malfoy, Potter, Weasley, and many others in addition to SS/HG. The Archives also features work from the SSHG Exchange. The WIKtT Archives has a dedicated chat room on the site’s chat for readers and writers, called The Writers’ Library. Our Gallery features features portraits, studies and depictions of fantasy situations with the story characters. Some are erotic drawings and paintings. The WIKTT Gallery hosts all extant artwork, and articles from Playwitch and Marquiseas well as many other amazing artists.

All work on The WIKTT Archives is considered to be a respectful parody of J.K. Rowling’sHarry Potter novels. No money is being made by this website or by the authors and artists featured herein and no author or artist is or is affiliated with J.K. Rowling.

The Forums Have Story Discussions, Advice for the Lovelorn and those needing help with Sex Questions with Three Chicks and a Dude Tell You What To Do, Word games , Board games , BDSM and D/s discussion , Art Critique , and Chat Room Announcements ,

The BDSM Garden is a non-pornographic, informational resource site featuring essays for the promotion and clarification of the philosophy of BDSM, SSC, how-tos for Rope, tool and toy use, safety, bondage, domination, submission, on and offline Gor, online D/s, and creative work from The D/s Garden. The Garden has glossaries for BDSM, shibari and kinbaku, rope, and Gorean words. We feature a BDSM book blog and dedicated chat room with topic chats.

At The Masque and The WIKtT Archives, we believe sex and lovemaking is beautiful, positive, and a major creative force in our world. We are respectful, loving, open, and accepting of most lifestyle choices including gay, lesbian, and transgender life and love styles, kinky, poly or polyamorous relationships, wifeslut and group sex or orgy, dominant, submissive or switch lifestyles. We also welcome fantasy fetishesusually shown in anime or manga, like furries, fucking machines, or anthromorphic artwork as well as vampire and werewolf stories and sci-fi or science fiction sexuality. We have many fan fiction or fanfic stories as well as several novel-length stories, especially Harry Potter fanfiction. The Masque also loves heterosexual stories without any kinks at all and photographs of Venice, Italy taken by our members. We are always accepting new submissions!

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